The college library is a important and integral part of teaching and learning process of college. It is also a source of knowledge which is actively produce original thinking in college. There are various types of books in the library such as for core subjects and befind the core subjects. Firstly, the library was situated in ground floor of a administrative building. Later, it was shifted to 2nd floor of a academic building. Curently, the library is present in 1st floor of a administrative building with 7002 (Seven Thousand Two) no's of books.


A) Staffs:

1. Sri. Krishna Banik, Sorter, Mob: 91-6009382469

2. Sri. Puspa Joy Reang, Senior Laboratory Attendant, Mob:

B) Number of Books (Subject Wise):               

1. Bengali- 1216 No's                                                  12. Biodiversity- 12 No's

2. Education- 832 No's                                                13. Chemistry- 11 No's

3. KokBorok- 209 No's                                                 14. Physics- 17 No's

4. History- 1275 No's                                                   15. Data Science- 08 No's

5. Political Science- 1535 No's                                    16. Botany- 03 No's

6. Philosophy- 323 No's                                               17. Biotechnology- 02 No's

7. Computer- 73 No's                                                   18. Immunulogy- 01 No's

8. Geography-05 No's                                                  19. Reference Books- 223 No's

9. Sociology- 20 No's                                                   20. Medical- 07 No's

10. Religion- 25 No's                                                    21. Miscellenous/Others Subject-2176 No's

11. Law- 29 No's

Besides above, 2-3 local newspapers are available in library. There are library cards for each students for processing of books from library. 

Computer: 02 (Two) Numbers

Automated Library by e-Granthalaya 4.0 software: 

The college library has been taken initiative for library automation under RUSA component funded by RUSA. In this connection, the college library has purchased e-Granthalay 4.0 softeare for library automation from NIC, Govt of India recently. The work of library automation is under process and it will be completed very soon in college library. 

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