HOD’s/In-Charge of Departments

Head of Departments:

1. Dr. Susanta Ghosh, Department of Bengali, Mob No:+919051026120, email id: susanta.299[at]rediffmail[dot]com

2. Sri. Shyani Debbarma, Department of Education, Mob. No: +918787624216, email id: debbarmashyani[at]gmail[dot]com

3. Sri. Tanmoy Hrishi Das, Department of English, Mob. No: +919774828623, email id: tanmoyhrishidas[at]gmail[dot]com

4. Dr. Priyadarshi Bahinipati, Department of History, Mob. No: +918974946700, email id: bahinipatip[at]gmail[dot]com

5. Mrs.Mrinalini Tripura, Department of Kokborok, Mob. No: +918132885890, email id: tripuramina23[at]gmail[dot]com

6. Dr. Samsul Alam Choudhury, Department of Philosophy, Mob. No: +918638926290, email id: samsulchoudhury[at]gmail[dot]com

7. Mrs. Mary Lamzuali Darlong, Department of Political Science, Mob. No: +919862468220, email id: marydarlong[at]gmail[dot]com

8. Sri. Alak Das, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Mob. No: +919862798971, email id: alakdas805[at]yahoo[dot]com