Eco Club

The college is situated in an area which is surrounded by a rich flora and fauna. To maintain this natural environment and create a sense of nurturing it among the students and staff and the surrounding areas an Eco Club has been established on 3rd January 2019. A number of programmes like planting of trees, distribution of sapling in the neighbourhood, keeping the campus free plastic zone, creating tropical fruit orchard, herbal and medicinal garden, rain water harvesting have been undertaken by the Eco-Club to provide a distinctive status to the college among its counterparts. The Eco-Club has taken the initiative of identifying all the birds and and labelling all the tree species with their scientific names in collaborations with a naturalist and botanist inside the college campus. The motto is to keep the campus clean and habitable for the birds and animal and eco-friendly. The purpose of this club is to maintain a healthy relationship between human being and the animal world though on small scale but in an emphatic way.

Present Member of Eco-Club:

  • Convenor: Samsul Alam Choudhury (AP)
  • Member: Mary Lawmzuali Darlong (AP)
  • Member: Shyani Debbarma (AP)
  • Member: Tina Biswas (Student)
  • Member: Molika Tripura (Student)