Principals Desk

Education is the keystone of social arch. It is the root of all the branches of development a society needs. The milestone which mankind had established in the past and still that process is going on is due to the development in the field of education. Education refines and hones a society and provides to its citizens the very essential means of livelihood. It got much more meaning in today’s world of globalization and universalisation. Knowledge has become a tool of sustainable development and it provides the much-needed reinforcements in varied sectors which the nation needs to maintain the flow of progress. Education raises the level of consciousness by bringing change in the personality and attitude of a person and sensitizing individuals to the larger social needs and issues. With these aim in view the Government Degree College, Longtharai Valley is marching ahead to provide to its students the best of the facilities to enable them to achieve success in their pursuit of knowledge. Being the only College in the Sub-Division, it continues to represent aspirations and occupy a place of pride in the minds of the people of the area. For me, it will be a matter of great pride and intense emotional fulfilment to participate in transforming it to an Institution of Excellence and put it on the map of Tripura. This can only be done if all of us at the College work in unison in complete togetherness to make this a place of learning vibrant with new ideas and innovations in an atmosphere of collegiality amongst students, faculty and the administration.